The Textile Kit

Assembling Your Kit

Check with your instructor first

Please DO NOT TOUCH the samples if your kit and DO NOT WRITE on the mounting pages in the binder until you receive complete directions from your instructor regarding the assembly of your kit.

Watch the how-to video

Watch this short video which provides an overview of how to assemble your kit:

   How to Assemble Video

Or read the video script here:

    How to Assemble video script

Use the written instructions in the front of your kit 

Complete written instructions for assembling your kit appear on page 2 of the printed index (in the binder). If your instructor allows you to choose your own method of assembly, our experience leads us to suggest the procedure described there for the best results.

Consult the Virtual Lab Assistant on The Textile Kit Online

Use the key code on the small card in the front of your binder to register for access to The Textile Kit Online. The Virtual Lab Assistant is a presentation on The Textile Kit Online showing a completed kit, filled out and with the samples mounted. Although your samples may not match the ones in the Virtual Lab Assistant exactly, most users find this resource very helpful for double checking the process as they go along. The Virtual Lab Assistant also provides a brief audio description of each sample, a magnified view of each sample, and more examples of samples to show other ways they may look, all of which can help you determine if your kit is going together as it should. Please note your sample may differ in color, style, or print from any of the samples shown in the Virtual Lab Assistant, but many of the samples will be the same or similar enough to be helpful to you. The Eco Edition also includes expanded commentary about each sample, in both text and audio formats.

Use the key code on the card in the front of your kit binder or sample bag to register at If you are having trouble registering , visit

Know what's on The Textile Kit Online

  1. Visit The Textile Kit Online after following instructions on the key code card in the front of your binder to set up access. The first page contains links to multiple options. Click on the button of your choice to open the associated page.
  2. We suggest you listen to the audio file on the first screen for an overview of the contents. The slides introducing each of the three main sections also contain audio file overviews. Test an audio file to make sure your speaker system is working and is adjusted to the proper volume.
  3. The Virtual Lab Assistant button on the first page leads to instructions and examples helpful in assembling your textile kit (see above section).
  4. The SRQs and LABs button takes you to a page where you can access all Study and Review Questions and Table-Top Labs, in both PDF format and Microsoft Word format. PDF files can be printed and then filled out by hand. In Word, the SRQs and LABs can be filled out by computer and then printed out (or e-mailed directly to your instructor).
  5. The Other Resources button include links to PDFs of The Textile Kit mounting pages in case you need extras, a cross-referenced index, and direct links to magnified views, commentary, and more examples of samples in the kit. A link to the new video "How to Use the Clickable Index" is found here. Links to technical support, e-mail help, references, and other helpful links are also provided.

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