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FREE Guest Online Access for Review Purposes

If you don't use The Textile Kit yet, but are thinking about it, we provide a FREE 30-day online review to instructors for adoption consideration. We want everyone to see for themselves the quality and variety of fiber, yarn, and fabric samples in The Textile Kit. Help students get the most from their textiles course!

Interested instructors, please Contact Us to receive this FREE 30-day online review of The Textile Kit.

Complimentary Copy for Adopters

If you adopt the kit and software for your students, we will send you a COMPLIMENTARY copy of The Textile Kit  learning system. The Instructor Version arrives already filled out to save you time, contains a free upgrade to a metal linen tester, and includes access to additional online support materials.

Please Contact Us now to receive your COMPLIMENTARY copy. Please include your name, institution, mailing address (street address, not P.O. box), phone number, and any special needs or options you require. We'll then help you determine the right ISBN to give to your bookstore if you choose to order for your students.


When ordering The Textile Kit, please consult the chart below for the most popular choices. Better yet, please Contact Us for further information, because we have a variety of options for customizing your bundle, and we can get you all set up with the passwords and instructor resources you will need.


ISBN* Title Net Price per kit (5 or more)
as of June 1, 2023
 978-1-60405-242-8 The Textile Kit™: Eco+ Edition
Blank Mounting Pages
Plastic Linen Tester
$106.00 net
 978-1-60405-245-9 The Textile Kit™: Eco+ Edition
Upgraded with filled-out pages
Plastic Linen Tester
$119.00 net
 978-1-60405-141-1 The Textile Kit™: Online Only Edition $37.00 net
Upgrade ANY kit with pre-filled-out mounting pages (instead of hand-filled-out pages) Contact Us for your bundle's unique ISBN and pricing     
Upgrade ANY kit with
metal linen tester (instead of plastic)
Contact Us for your bundle's unique ISBN and pricing     
Upgrade ANY kit with "The Fashion Designer's Textile Directory" Contact Us for your bundle's unique ISBN and pricing     
Special Orders? Contact Us for your bundle's unique ISBN and pricing     

Need something else?

We do our best to provide accurate information, but mistakes happen. We encourage you to let us know about any errors you find in The Textile Kit or the accompanying online products. Please contact us with the exact nature and location of any errors you find. We will do our best to correct these in future editions. Thank you.

If you or your students need anything, if you have questions about our products, or if you have suggestions for improvement, please let us know.

Thank you very much for your interest in our products!

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