The Textile KitTM

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The Textile KitTM

The NEW Eco Edition of our best-selling swatch set The Textile Kit contains more samples than ever, and a greater emphasis on sustainability. Its NEW "clickable index" cuts straight through to help you INSTANTLY find what you need.

The Textile Kit + iTextiles™ includes the iTextiles Interactive Learning System. iTextiles contains a complete e-Textbook, full semester of lectures, thousands of images, video, and SO MUCH MORE!

And now our online products are mobile friendly!


If you are a student, please purchase The Textile Kit from your campus bookstore, or via our Online Store (if your school is listed). IF ORDERING ONLINE, PLEASE ALLOW EXTRA TIME FOR SHIPPING TO YOUR LOCATION.



Please Contact Us to request a free, 30-day review of The Textile Kit + iTextiles so you can see for yourself the most up-to-date, comprehensive, and cost-effective way to teach and learn about textiles.



See our List of ISBNs to be sure you are stocking the version of The Textile Kit your instructor requires. Pricing, how to order, returns policy, returns address, and other information is all found here.


The Textile Kit + iTextiles Interactive learning system: Our best-selling bundle!

Give your visually-oriented fashion and interior design and merchandising students the tools they need to truly understand basic textiles. The Textile Kit is the swatch set used by over 100 colleges and universities to make the study of textiles come alive, as students learn about fibers, yarns, fabrications, dyes, prints, and finishes. Bundled with the iTextiles Interactive learning system, your students will have EVERYTHING they need for a full semester of basic textiles.

The Best Gets Even Better


The NEW Eco Edition of The Textile Kit swatch set contains 258 samples, with even more fibers, yarns, and fabrics than ever before. Includes Merino wool, angora, camel, cashmere, alpaca, Lenzing Modal® (from beechwood), rayon (from bamboo), true wool felt, Cordura® nylon fabric, Coolmax® polyester fabric, PLA (corn based), azlon (soy based), and MORE! The Eco Edition features sustainable examples such as organic cotton vs. certified organic cotton v. GOTS certified organic cotton, closed loop recycling including polyester recycled by melting vs. chemical recycling, non-GMO seed cotton, vegan silk, waterless polyester dyeing, recycled blends, fair trade cotton, and SeaCell® from seaweed, plus many more knits, more comparisons (pinwale vs. widewale corduroy), various meshes, various suedes, various tricots, various laces, and more depth (cavalry twill, ITY knit, travel knit, minky dot, anti-microbial silver finish, laser etched, etc.) We help YOU keep your students up-to-date on the latest important textile developments, while thoroughly covering textile basics.

NEW "CLICKABLE INDEX" for Instant Accessibility

The Textile Kit Online (Eco Edition only) provides the incredible NEW "Clickable Index" that makes the Eco Edition of our kit the most accessible set of textile samples available! Also on The Textile Kit Online, you will find Study and Review Questions (SRQs), Table-Top Labs (LABS), and Other Resources, all giving students a hands-on chance to apply what they are learning, and helping them take full advantage of their samples as an aid to understanding the concepts you want them to learn.


The Textile Kit Online contains a Virtual Lab Assistant™ to help students easily put their kits together without your assistance, by supplying them with a Video of how to assemble their kit, and by showing them virtual images of a finished kit and providing an audio description, text description, and magnified view of each sample. The Virtual Lab Assistant is helpful to anyone, but is especially useful for online students and students who assemble their kits outside the classroom.


This is the same complete package you have come to expect from The Textile Kit. It comes with a hard-cover, pocketed, 3-ring binder, a comprehensive index, heavy-weight pages for labeling and mounting, a pencil, a roll of double-stick tape, and a 6X magnifying linen tester for closer sample examination. (Linen tester comes in your choice of cost-effective plastic or long-lasting metal). Pre-filled-out mounting pages available upon request, to save students valuable time and provide consistency, or use the more popular and more cost-effective blank mounting pages to help students engage with the material as they transfer the index information to their kit. Special FULL-COLOR, pull-out key pages for fiber, yarn, and narrow fabric samples. And our kit pages are now printed on 30% PCW recycled paper. Most instructors bundle with the iTextiles Interactive learning system for a truly complete package.

Interactive ELECTRONIC TEXTBOOK and Much More!

The iTextiles Interactive learning system  SAVES STUDENTS MONEY over buying a print version of a textbook, and it OFFERS SO MUCH MORE! iTextiles includes a myriad of colorful, high-resolution images and interactivity not found in an ordinary textbook. Key words and phrases are “CLICKABLE”, taking students to definitions, audio pronunciations, images, and more. Today’s students are visual learners and are most comfortable with digital media. They want quick access to concise, colorful information via intuitive interfaces.

Our answer is iTextiles. It’s more than a file of static text pages. Instead, it’s a clickable, hyperlinked set of screens that let students intuitively move through the material, review as they go, and move back and forth as they learn. It also allows them to toggle back and forth, between "textbook" and "lecture" formats, quickly and easily. Compared to a printed textbook, it’s green, it’s portable, and it’s incredibly ECONOMICAL! However, if you still want a printed copy, the text is printable on demand, and we can bundle printed copies with the kit upon request.



Over 25 lecture presentations facilitate coverage of all the material required in a typical semester of textiles, and are complete with the image slides students love AND "print text only" mode for ink-saving printing. They reinforce key concepts, support classroom instruction for the entire term, and serve as a review of main points. Plus special presentations are available for "instructors only". And now instructors can CUSTOMIZE their lectures!


The "CLICKABLE" images communicate a wealth of knowledge visually, by providing a magnified view for an enhanced learning experience. They are pulled from "real-life" textile products in use, and include VALUABLE ANNOTATIONS so students can understand what they are seeing.


By popular demand, over 70 digital videos bring students inside the world of textiles. This library will grow as new videos are added.


Thousands of interactive self-study questions help students review key concepts before exams. Plus iTextiles supplies a test bank with questions for "instructors only". And now instructors can customize by adding their own test questions!


We encourage hands-on learning by providing over 30 experiments and exercises for every major section. These include image and video support, giving students the chance to integrate and apply their new-found knowledge. And now instructors can CUSTOMIZE the experiments and exercises by uploading their own.

Expanded TEXTILE BASICS Coverage

Expanded text and image coverage of the TEXTILE BASICS: Fibers, Yarns, Fabrics, Dyeing, Printing, and Finishing, plus a thorough Introduction to textile properties. Plus now iTextiles supports PROJECT BASED LEARNING. And now in Beta Testing, a version of iTextiles JUST for FASHION DESIGN!




In short, The Textile Kit + iTextiles Interactive learning system contains EVERYTHING your students need for a full semester of learning about basic textiles.

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